How Do Smart Recruiters Innovate the Recruitment Process?

Tomáš Prejda
April 5, 2022 | 11 min read
The IT recruitment process has changed dramatically over the last few decades and with modern-day, real-world challenges such as hyper connectivity, speed of communication, ever reducing budgets, and increased competition for top talent, the need to gain any advantage over your competitors during the hiring process could be a game changer.

These challenges require a new approach to the recruitment process

From our experience the recruitment methodology needs to change towards smart recruitment that utilizes both technology and, more importantly, the involvement of industry experts right from the start.

Such a change is ideal for both clients and candidates. From the start of the recruitment journey, candidates are assessed and selected by experts. These experts have multiple years of real-world experience and will be involved in the same business function as the required role. We use the Simplity group's experts and call it the Guarantors’ Program.

This gives us a unique improvement to the overall process, saving time and thus, money. Instead of introducing experts much later in the process, like at an applicant’s second or third round interview, we’ve created a new standard for the modern recruitment process with proven results, and we believe it offers real value to both clients and candidates. Here’s a visual outline of the process:

What are the real benefits of this program and how do they help you?

Advisory services

In our case, and it should apply to all your partners, we live and breathe data – we understand the process and the science. This enables us to see all aspects of the recruitment process because, simply, we are data professionals and experts. All our associates, the whole Simplity group, have been comprehensively involved in data projects for over a decade. Before the recruitment journey even begins, our experts can assist with assessments of your needs and your project’s specifics. And then we can advise and help with the job description itself, honing in on the precise details and requirements. Our experts can also provide consulting services across all types of data projects at whichever point they are in their life cycle. In fact, it is even possible to utilize our experts on your project while we help you find the perfect candidate.

Quality candidates

We carry out professional pre-screening by industry experts from the same business areas as the candidates leading to a quality assessment of the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and skills. Furthermore, guarantors take part in the interview with your potential new team member, and they are available to help and advise both you, as the client, and the candidate. All of this enables the candidate to adapt faster to their new role, shortening their transition time, because quality candidates are able to integrate into, or even lead, the project faster. Finally, candidates are happier and more motivated when talking with a "colleague" and this boosts the success rate of candidate deployment and their stick-to-itiveness.

Time saving

Our advisory services, guarantors, and expertise in the field of data mean the recruitment process can take much less time, leading to an overall shorter time-to-hire from the start of the process, assessment of candidates, to the final deployment of your new employee or contractor. In addition, we pride ourselves on fast communication with both the client and candidates, all of which saves time.

Cost saving

There are several areas where we can potentially save you money. Your company probably spends a lot of time (and thus money) on the hiring process with the aim to employ quality personnel e.g., internal human resources (HR) staff, sifting through CVs, communications, interviews, etc. Everything we do for you equates to your recruiters and professional staff being able to utilize their time more efficiently often dedicating it to better opportunities than manual processes such as all those CVs, telephone calls, and emails. Any time saved, lowers your overall internal costs. We can leverage our existing networks and talent pool, utilize our guarantors, and offer speedy services at all levels, from simply profiling candidates, to full recruitment as a service, outsourcing all your hiring needs.

Client – candidate fit

Every company has their own (data) project life cycles, using specific technologies, as well as being at a distinct stage of maturity. As we’ve “been there and done it” we can adapt the recruitment process to your dynamic situation, location, tech maturity, and individual requirements. If you are a startup with fast growth, you may need large numbers of people quickly and they may need to be agile protagonists that don’t need to stick around after a project is complete. On the other hand, large, stable companies may need individuals for existing, current projects, either as the odd addition or a replacement for someone that has moved on/up, and those people coming in need to be dependable and in it for the long term. Either type of company may simply be starting a whole new project and need to build an entire team. We can help in all cases because we have experience in these situations and will consider your company, the technology, project, team requirements, and scale, all while qualifying and matching the right type of candidate accordingly – those that drive / manage projects, those that knuckle down and finish the work, collaborators, individuals, executive level pros, etc.

Assessment of candidates by guarantor experts

As our process flow graphic depicts above, our guarantors are primarily involved in three phases during the recruitment process. Firstly, there is pre-screening which is always important at the commencement of any hiring process, and our experts will help identify superior candidates for priority, fast tracking them to interview. Secondly, is the candidate interview, where the prerequisites of qualifications, experience, and skills can be qualified. Finally, there is the assessment phase where our guarantors would ascertain that a candidate is suitable for the role with a wide spectrum of knowledge and know-how from the respective field your business is in.

Real-world examples

Here are some real-world examples of data-based positions and what our guarantors might look for in the candidate:

  • Solution Architect – they have a deep understanding of all parts of the business model and a knowledge of all operating systems including the application architectures.

  • Data Analyst – the ability to combine disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, and/or computer programming.

  • ETL Developer – the ability to build the pipeline, decide how to gain data, extract it, make it available for diverse types of users or artificial intelligence (AI), and then store it.

  • BI Consultant – the ability to understand the high-level needs of your company.

  • Data Modeler – they can design computer databases that translate complex business data into usable computer systems.

Would you like to save time and money?

If you need the expertise and guarantees of an external, knowledgeable, and reliable sourcing partner to help you choose the right people, while saving you time and money – we are your right choice. We focus on quality and industry expertise. This is what makes our process special. Clients are assured quality candidates. Candidates are matched to appropriate positions not just put forward for any role.

Our team offers assistance and simplifies the recruitment process for you. They will keep you informed of what’s happening, work fast, deal with necessary paperwork, and endeavor to keep costs under control and within budget.

Talk to us and start saving time and money right now.

Tomáš Prejda
VP Marketing

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