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The IT recruitment process has become very fast-paced and fraught with modern-day, real-world challenges – hyper-connectivity, speed, cost, and expertise and quality guarantee. We overcome these challenges and one of our innovative and unique solutions enabling us to achieve this, is our Guarantors’ Program. Discover more about our methodology below or talk to us fo find out how the program can help you.

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The Guarantors’
Program process

Our Guarantors’ Program is great for both clients and candidates.

Clients receive only quality profiles to save time and narrow the focus. Candidates are assessed and selected by the Simplity group's experts who are involved in the same business function with multiple years of real-world experience. This means you will have a mutual quality expert conversation.

Get better candidates, expert insights and more.


Your specialized recruitment partner

Clients that are considering an external knowledgeable and reliable sourcing partner need expertise on how to choose the right people – we focus on quality and industry expertise. We perform experience prescreening with our guarantors’ verifying candidates have the required skills based on our own extensive knowledge and experience. This is what makes our process special. Clients are assured quality candidates. Candidates are matched to appropriate positions not just put forward for any role.

Data and data intelligence

The Simplity group has been heavily involved in data and data intelligence projects for over a decade and we have experts with experience of data governance, data management, analytics, engineering, technical, and development from real-world projects.

Trust and reliability

The guarantors will be from the same business area as required such as Data Architect, Business Analyst, DWH Tester, or BI Developer. This means that if you need a Business Analyst, we will involve a Business Analyst in the hiring process for you as the “expertise guarantor”. Possible applicant profiles and qualifications are checked and assessed with them first, they will also take part in the interview, and they are available to help and advise both you, as the client, and the candidate. This is the very definition of our Guarantors’ Program.

Communication, speed, cost

Our team offers assistance and simplifies the recruitment process for you. They will keep you informed of what is happening, work fast, deal with the necessary paperwork, and endeavor to keep costs under control and within budget.