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For the Love of the Search

Tomáš Prejda
September 23, 2021 | 6 min read
This is not simply about what we like about recruitment. Here at Iconity each of us likes something different, but overall, what we truly believe in and why we love what we do is what this post is all about. We love matching the right candidates with great companies – the perfect search. The “perfect” usually depends on matching the purpose and scope of the client project with sufficient value brought to the candidates, but also to us – the joy of doing it. We hope you will find yourself somewhere in there too.

You, You and You. But who is “You”?

First, when referring to “You” we mean all our customers and stakeholders – candidates, clients, partners, and key opinion leaders. Not only do we exist, here for and, because of You, but we truly believe we help You, the candidate, to reach your goals, improve your career, or even make your life better. For clients and partners, with my personal experience since being in this role and company for less than two months, I must say that focus, frank communication based on trust, and aiming to find a genuine interest in creating value for all involved is empowering and motivating – we really care about You too.

‘You, You and You’ means ‘Win, Win and Win’. This is the only long-term sustainable approach in professional services, especially in recruitment.

But how do we make everyone happy? Is it even possible?

Striving to find the match

We indeed must completely understand your situation, strategy, and needs or motivation – candidate, client, or partner. We have the experience to recognize these things, yet it isn’t always simple – nobody’s perfect! However we can help You – we will.

Not that we are looking for easy wins and shortcuts, we are simply trying to choose the right projects, from the right companies, for the right people. We really want to work with those projects that create the premise of real value, innovation, and excitement for You. There are many such projects – increasingly, companies are becoming data driven. Data can even be the primary source of revenue nowadays, it can directly relate to the business model, or it is essential for decision-making processes. We typically, very much, see this in start-ups, but it also exists in large organizations, where it creates new business streams, products, and services. Since we operate internationally we leverage these opportunities and spread the joy all around the world.

Is it worth it?

We use a simple hypothesis that if it is an important and interesting project, on the client’s side, it will usually get, not only the budget, but also the attention, enthusiasm, and involvement of employees. Among candidates, similarly, an interesting project will create a higher and authentic interest in it, with a desire to dive deeper into the work right from the start.

Some might say that cherry picking projects just makes our lives easier but that is not the case as, equally, others say it’s crazy that we try to always balance both sides and satisfy everyone. Well, honestly, sometimes it is a bit of both, while it takes a lot to do it right, but at the end of the day, it is worth it. And this is what we believe in.

To us, such effort spreads beyond the traditional recruitment routine. You should expect more. Our way should be the standard and if we don’t get it right, we believe you should be able to tell us. We receive positive feedback for putting, not only our brains (knowledge and experience), but also our hearts (emotion and passion) into the “search” and also the projects overall.

It doesn’t matter who You are – we go the extra mile

Whether You are tendering for recruitment services or You are choosing among multiple job offers, at the end of the day, You compare the hard facts and assess whether it makes rational sense to You. But is it enough? Don't you expect more? Finding the right people or role is often frustrating, but with the approach we have, it can be so much better, and we do really enjoy it, and that makes it so much better for you. We want you to enjoy it too! Let's do it together!

Come along and have a conversation with us – we will tell you more about our process. Talk to us or find us on social media: LinkedIn or Facebook.

Tomáš Prejda
VP Marketing

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