5 Advantages of Using the Services of a Specialized Recruitment Agency

Jana Dalerová
October 14, 2021 | 10 min read
Hiring? As Kerouac said, “everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road”. Do you feel you are in a comparable situation? Does your own road look like this? You have to find a new Data Intelligence specialist so that your project will be a successful one and you are at the beginning. Here is a simple guide for you if you feel a bit lost and you know that everything is ahead of you.

1 - If you are special, tell me why

You are at the beginning of your new task. The questions are roaming in your head. Maybe one of them is this one: do specialized recruitment agencies which can help me with a Data Intelligence role exist? If so, how can I recognize that they actually specialize in this area? The good news for you is that they do exist. How do you know that you will choose a right one? When you look for a recruitment agency like this, try to find out if you can see some extraordinary or unique characters related to your industry or if it’s just a generic agency which covers all business areas and IT is just one of them. Now, if you are searching for a new Data Intelligence specialist, you could look to see if there are some Data Intelligence experts/professionals already on the agency’s team. For example, some Data Intelligence specialists can run their new business in the recruitment field, or some owner of the recruitment agency can employ specialists focused in the Data Intelligence arena.

Now you know that specialized recruitment agencies exist and what it really means for them to be specialized.

2 - Our own supermen

Sometimes we think that it would be nice to split ourselves in two. We and our second half could also split our tasks and be more effective and faster. Unfortunately, humans do not know how to do that. What we can tell you though, is that we have Data Intelligence specialists in our team. These people are from the same business area as you are part of, and they help us to find that new team member for you. Data Architect, Business Analyst, DWH Tester, BI Developer – there are all already a part of our team. It means that if you need a Business Analyst, we will involve our Business Analyst in the hiring process for you as an “expertise guarantor”. Let’s go deeper. Possible candidate profiles are checked and assessed with them first, they will also take part in the interview with your potential new team member, and they are available to help and advise both you, as the client, and the candidate. What does this mean for you? You can skip the first round, if you wish. As you know, we cannot clone you, but we can act on your behalf initially to help travel your road.

Now you know that there is a reason to have people who understand Data Intelligence – your colleagues from the same area you are working in – as guarantors in the hiring process.

3 - At your fingertips

The important thing is to be in touch. Maybe you believe that you have a human resources (HR) department at your company so you should be able to handle the situation using your own resources. Well, this depends on how much time is dedicated on the recruitment process because, as we all know, HR activities are many and different, and recruitment is just one part of it. And we all also know that, unfortunately, inexperienced IT specialists will react directly to ads. The hiring process from A to Z for you and your HR team takes time. It’s a full-time job. On the other hand, our daily bread and butter is to communicate with Data Intelligence specialists. We’ve been doing this since 2016 and we focus on the Data Intelligence industry. Imagine how many Data Intelligence specialists we have talked with so far. Maybe there is “the one” for you among them. Or maybe we will know just exactly who to contact immediately. Don’t forget that there are Data Intelligence guarantors inside our team also, which means we know how to talk your specialist’s language. If there is a recruitment department at your company but you are still not successful, you can try to contact us, and we will mobilize our Data Intelligence colleagues to help to find yours.

Now you know that to be in touch with Data Intelligence specialists all the time and to know how to talk their language are worthy characteristics of a specialized recruitment agency.

4 - Fast or Furious

Maybe you have previous experience of being involved with hiring a new team member by yourself. This part can contain some furious emotions. If you went through the first three points above, you could guess that using the services of a specialized recruitment agency is faster. Not everything is the most effective when we talk about doing something in house. Our society is familiar with outsourcing. We can meet you to talk about your preferred profile at the beginning and then you will receive a CV of specialist whom you need only meet and see if the chemistry works. Feel free to delegate this process to some specialized recruitment agency while you and your colleagues can focus on priorities and not have your time divided into scattered tasks.

Now you know that the hiring process can be shorter for you. You can skip your first round thanks to our Data Intelligence experts as well as the searching part. It’s just about telling us your needs and you’ll receive the right candidate CVs.

5 – Money, money, money

You don’t have to be a rich man to afford the service of a specialized recruitment agency. The best is that in the end it’s most likely cheaper, a lot cheaper! The initial recruitment process being handled by an external agency can be cheaper for you. And we’ll prove it in a forthcoming article – keep an eye on our resources center.

Now you also know that costs are lower using an outsourced recruitment service. If you are still not convinced, get in touch with us, and we will show you some examples.

And finally…

We hope our guide was useful for you and you are a bit less lost in your situation of trying to find Data Intelligence specialists for your company. A short recap for you, find a recruitment agency which is specialized and be sure that at that agency there are people who really know the area that your new team member will be a part of. Think about the pros and cons of using your own in-house team or delegate your issue to a specialized recruitment agency. Pros can include quality, speed, and lower cost. Regarding the cost, we can also help you with a calculation which can tell you more than a thousand words (that are in this blog post).

You may feel that you don’t know exactly where you are going but you gotta go there - everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road. So, if we gotta go and never stop going 'till we get there', perhaps, as we've got to go someplace, find something, we will help you get to that someplace or someone, together.

Jana Dalerová
Recruitment Consultant

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